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Astral Travelling: A Moment in Awe. by, NancyEdit

In April of this year I had a dream of being on the sun. I was in such peace, calmness and felt very light. I was with my granddaughter who passed away in 2006, at the age of four-months. In my dream, however, she was around the age of 21 and was small in stature, almost like a pikie's body. She had very long blonde hair and was wearing a gypsy's dress. The end-seams of her dress were shaped as triangles and was a beautiful color of tourquoise. I kept thinking to myself that I could not believe I was on the sun and was not bursting into flames. I could look out and see the stars and earth coming around from behind the sun. My granddaughter started pulling on my left arm and saying, "We have to go back and now". I did not want to go back, but finally did. I know I had an experience of astral travelling and it was her way to show me she was okay and wanted to show me spectacular things she was able to do.

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