The Astral Plane is the level of existence obtained while projecting and while in a pure energy/consciousness state. The astral plane is not bound by any kind of physical laws whatsoever, such as gravity or solidity or limited levels of physical function which gives the traveller virtually infinite freedom with the ability to travel anywhere in existence. It can be stated that anything is possible to manifest on the Astral Plane by thought alone. This includes objects, entities, locations, events, as well as one's own emotional/mental state of consciousness. The Astral Plane is also completley free of any kind of concept of mental limitation. There is no limit to one's mental capabilites on the Astral Plane. One can process an infinite amount of thoughts, ideas, memories, calculations, etc; simultaneously at an infinite speed. One can multitask an infinite amount of things without any effort at all, and be able to clearly process it inward, and fully understand it clearly. On the Astral Plane, one's mind is at a near-perfect state of being. One's emotions are at an almost maxium level of potential. The Astral Plane is also called the "Emotional Plane", due to it being the plane of existence that emotions are predominant in. Emotions are what predominatly controls manifestations on the Astral Plane. The Astral Plane contains one's greatest nightmares and miseries, as well as one's greatest fantasies and desires. One's strongest desires at the deepest levels of their subconscious mind/spirit, are what manifests instantly and tangibly exist on the Astral Plane. The strongest emotions one has at the core of their spirit, are what prevails the most in the realm of the Astral. To state simply, the Astral realm is succeptible to emotions/feelings more than thought. Emotions/feelings can be considered the most "important", in terms of 3-dimensional thinking, of what is predominatly relevant in the Astral realm. This plane of existence can be contaminated by what is called "thought junk", which is produced from unorganized thought structure, therefore a relatively unactive and balanced mind is recommended.


As well as being able to travel through earth and locations available in the physical plane, Astral Projection allows travel to other realities and dimensions. There are many levels of the asral plane, split by vibrational frequencies. There are many being which inhibit this plane, which include; eligntened, souls awaiting reincarnation and those without physical vessels.

Typically, there is thought to be three main levels; Low, Mid, high. In reality, the planes are not stacked on top of the other like layers of an onion. They can better be described as all together in one place.The astral plane is the first plane above the physical plane and the place where we go when we die.Heaven is sometimes portrayed as a realm of clouds,but in reality this area of fluffy substance is a sub-region of the astral plane that lies between the physical and astral worlds.Many souls transition through this region while their actual place of residence is is being prepared for them on the astral plane.

The astral plane holds many wonders,including one which is a great repository of knowledge and learning collected over the ages of spiritual masters.Paul Twitchell calls it a "Golden Temple of Wisdom".Golden Wisdom Temples exist on all planes,and spiritual travelers can go there in the astral body to attend classes on any subject imaginable,or to study in the vast library.Many of the great thinkers and inventors of earth`s history have come to the astral temple,for anything that exists on the physical plane first exists on the astral plane.

Just as on the physical plane,there are areas of very low vibrations on the astral plane.For one,Twitchell writes about a region where souls are sent that have perpetrated heinous acts in their physical incarnation.They go there for purification from the negative energy by suffering great hardships.Contrary to what some religons believe,Twitchell says,the souls dont stay there forever.Once they have been cleansed,they are allowed to return to the higher regions of the astral plane to be prepared for their next incarnation.